Global Warming : The Human Instinct Essay

1744 Words Oct 19th, 2015 7 Pages
Mohammed Aburayan
Professor Krishnan
Biology 1406
12 October 2015
Global Warming Global warming, when heard, the human instinct is to suddenly remember everything the media has to bash about it. We, as in human individuals begin to think what is global warming? To be literal, global warming is the term used to describe the slow, yet petrifying increase of the temperature in the Earth’s atmosphere, a change that is said to be a permanent, deadly scar. In a reflective sense, the power global warming has on our world or geographical figures are remarkably dangerous. The effects global warming gives off is ultimately crucial to each and every living organism on different regions of Earth, in a way where they are each uniquely affected by the climate and geographical change. Consequently, with the rising temperatures of Earth, many problems come to reflect off the effect such as the decline of sea ice, increase in natural disasters, and health issues. Many of the people in today’s world do not know the significant effect and rupture this so called mysterious “global warming” could be causing today or later down the century. In this world, everything, every living organism is dependent on something whether it is relying on another animal for energy or a complete ecosystem to survive in. While many view the effects of global warming to be more substantial and more rapidly occurring than others do, the scientific consensus on climatic changes related to global warming is…

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