Global Warming : The Effects Of Climate Change Essay

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Global Warming: The effects of Climate Change
Since the start of the Industrial Revolution, we have been using fossil fuels to power our lives, and factories. Little did we know that our miracle energy producer was destroying our planet. The burning of fossil fuels produces a byproduct called carbon dioxide. This natural occurring gas does not harm the planet in any way when released in small quantities, but at the rate we have released it, there is nowhere for it to go so it becomes trapped in the atmosphere. When the gas becomes trapped in the atmosphere, it creates a “Green House” effect. This effect causes the surface temperature to rise, which has adverse effects on the planet. A number of bills to regulate carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere have been proposed and even accepted, however; large companies would rather pay the fines that occur then scale down their operation. Due to the unwillingness to change, the effects of using fossil fuels are causing irreparable damage to the planet by heating the climate up which will; cause the sea levels to rise, destroy earth’s habitat, increase the frequency of tropical storms.
The Greenhouse effect, we are causing has a direct impact on the planet and if the temperature raises 2 degree Celsius mark is crossed; not all the damage Carbon Dioxide has caused will not be repairable. With the rising temperatures, we will see an increased frequency in extreme weather events such as flooding and longer hotter heat waves. With…

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