How To Write An Essay On Climate Change

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One definition of climate change is any “lasting changes to a region’s climate, such as differences in average temperature, precipitation, or wind patterns over the course of decades or centuries”. Global warming, however, generally refers to the climatic changes induced by human activity since industrialization (Newell). Climate change has always existed, but until recently it has been a natural process, affected by many factors including solar output, volcanic activity, feedback systems, and Earth’s axis, composition, and reflectivity. Throughout the history of the Earth these factors have influenced ecosystems tremendously, changing oceans to deserts to mountains (“Causes..”). Over the last
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These gasses trap heat in the atmosphere, and the effects of having an increased atmospheric concentration of them could be devastating, or could do nothing. Scientists are experimenting with climate data and computer simulations with hopes of accurately predicting climate change, however the abundance and accuracy of variables often hinders this task (“Future..). People claim that there is little hope for the future, some are concerned and taking action, and some today advocate that human activity could not possibly have any significant effect on global warming. So, the answer to whether we’re all in danger is that no one knows for …show more content…
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