Global Warming, Terrorism, Illiteracy, Natural Disasters Essay

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Global warming, terrorism, illiteracy, natural disasters, hunger. These are some of the many problems that the Earth, as a global community, combats frequently. However, one problem stands out. It stands out because, unlike some others, the solution is seemingly so obvious and so simple. It is the problem of hunger and poverty. Indeed, according to World Food Programme (WHP), it is the world’s greatest solvable problem. They point out that “no scientific breakthroughs are needed to solve hunger.” Furthermore, according to a study conducted by the FAO in 2007, there is more than enough food in the world to feed everyone and the world food production rate increases every year(FAO). If this is so, how then can we, as a species, justify the death of an innocent child because she couldn’t get enough to eat? How can we sit comfortably at our dinner tables while some 780 million people go to bed hungry? Perhaps the most pertinent question is, whose responsibility is it? Ultimately, it is the civil responsibility of a country’s government to ensure the welfare of its citizens but what happens when the government is unable, or unwilling in some cases, to adequately cater for the needs of its citizens. At such point, does it become the moral responsibility of the wealthy to assist the less fortunate? There are arguments for both sides.
A person advocating for the wealthy to assist the poor will rightly point out that the divide between the rich and the poor widens every year. In…

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