Global Warming : Politics Or Science Essay

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Global Warming: politics or science

Global warming has been an on going dispute for well over a decade now, arguments of whether this is occurring from a man made industrialized movement or it is a natural cycle. Their is an abundance of credible scientific evidence that it is occurring because of the human race, but why are some governments specifically the United States have such heated debates on this environmental anomaly?

To understand the controversy let first explain what is global warming or as some call it the green house effect. A Greenhouse is a building made of many materials like clear plastic sheets, or of glass. Sun rays go through the glass and heat up the air inside the building, they have a hard time getting out. These rays get trapped inside and continually heat the air inside, and even through the night the rays stay in and heat the air. So knowing exactly what the effect of a Greenhouse is exactly what is happening to the earth , our pollution is making our atmosphere even more hotter which is causing our global warming crisis. (Haugen 70-71)

Global warming is caused by many gases like carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen moving into the atmosphere. These gases get stuck in the ozone and do not let the suns rays escape our atmosphere easily. This causes our earth to warm up and can cause droughts, and this would really affect many agricultural business‘s. Even though it is obvious that this Global Warming is a huge crisis and is a reality…

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