Global Warming On Our Planet Essay

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In recent years, a greater focus has been placed on lowering our CO2 emissions and locating alternative energy sources to reduce our usage of natural resources and slow the effects of global warming on our planet. One such alternative energy source is wind energy. Wind energy is commonly viewed as a "free" source of energy because wind is everywhere - we only need to begin harvesting it. Due to the climate, Newfoundland would appear to be an obvious choice to for a wind farm. Many people support the principle of wind energy however they oppose having them located "in their backyard" (Gibbons, 2014) due to the many problems associated with their installation and usage.
Problems associated with the installation and usage of wind turbines

One common problem associated with wind energy is the noise emitted by the turbines. In Germany, an Enercon E-82 turbine was measured by a specialist in acoustics to be at a volume of 42.8 decibels (Schulz, 2013). According to the German Emission Control Act, noise levels in mixed-use residential areas may not exceed 45 decibels at night(Schulz, 2013). Regulations in Germany state that wind turbines must be between 300m and 500m away from houses. This separation is not very large due to the dense population of the country (Schulz, 2013). 42.8 decibels is roughly equivalent to the volume of bird calls or a library (Comparative Examples, 2000), indicating that the wind turbines would be emitting a sound slightly louder than this.…

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