Global Warming Is The Threat Of The Environment Essay

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An ecological crisis is the destabilization of an environment, that contains a population or species ("Ecological Crisis"). This destabilization is can be caused by numerous factors, that imbalance the environment. Take for example the worldwide issue of global warming. The environment that is affected in this example is planet Earth. Some factors that are influencing this event of global warming is pollution. Pollution is the introduction of contaminates into an environment that causes adverse change. Hence we have the development of an ecological crisis. The main ingredient in pollution that causes such adverse changes is carbon dioxide. Because of carbon dioxides chemical properties, carbon dioxide absorbs heat effectively. When pollution is released into the air, it drifts up to our highest level in our atmosphere, the ozone layer. This layer is what allows us and other species to live on Earth. Ozone consists of oxygen molecules arranged in chains of three molecules. These oxygen molecules protect the Earth from damaging radiation from the sun. The radiation we are most concerned about is the UVB radiation caused by the sun ("Ozone Science"). Our protective ozone layer however can be damaged by certain substances. These substances can eradicate this protective layer and cause catastrophic ecological changes. So the million dollar question is, how do we prevent this damage? Another issue we face in today 's technologically filled world is the developing concern of…

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