Global Warming Is Real Or Not? Essay

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Global warming is a gradual rise in the average temperature of the earth’s oceans and its atmosphere which results to permanent climatic changes. Many discussions and debates have arisen on whether global warming is real or not. Some people have been referring to it as a hoax but according to climate scientists’ facts and data, it is very right to conclude that global warming is real. These scientists have analyzed that over the last one hundred years, the earth’s average temperature has risen by about 0.6℃ . Another important term to note while dealing with global warming is greenhouse effect which is the process by which the earth’s atmosphere gets more gases and other substances that make it thicker and thereby making it to trap sun’s radiation which leads to warming of the earth. Greenhouse effect releases gases such as carbon dioxide into the earth’s atmosphere and these gases and other different substances leads to global warming, as they create a thick covering on the earth’s atmosphere that traps the radiation from the sun. There are different facts, causes, effects and solutions to global warming.
Global warming is as a result of a number of reasons. According to climate scientists, the increased quantities of carbon dioxide alongside other greenhouse gases which are mainly released when fossil fuels are burnt, is one of the primary causes of global warming. These gases act as a blanket and trap heat and as a result warm the earth. Another cause of…

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