Global Warming Is Changing The Environment Of Earth On A Global Scale

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Global Warming Global warming is changing the environment of Earth on a global scale. The world is continuing to get warmer and because there are many ramifications which can occur and the world must n. Due to many consequences which have ensued on Earth from the ozone layer depletion, to the melting polar ice caps, and the poles switching global warming has become more of a problem. Global warming, as a result of these human activities, can have many large-scale consequences.
The earth 's atmosphere is constituted to allow sunlight to stream in uninterrupted. After striking the earth 's surface, this solar energy is reflected as longer wavelength infrared radiation. Some of this radiation is subsequently trapped in the atmosphere by clouds and greenhouse gases which include carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, and since the Industrial Revolution, humankind has pumped more gases into the atmosphere and has, in effect, thickened the greenhouse blanket which surrounds the earth, therefore trapping more heat in the atmosphere (Rowlands, p.N). According to Kerr (2001), humans contribute to global warming. Above Antarctica there is a hole in the ozone layer. The hole in the ozone layer is caused by the greenhouse gases and pollution in the air which can be attributed to humans according to Sigmond and Fyfe (2014). The ozone layer is a layer of the stratosphere on Earth, which is a mass of protective gases which cling to our planet (West & Evers, 2015). The burning of…

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