Global Warming Is An Issue Of Global Threat Essay

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Global warming is an issue that we need to take serious action upon! It is an issue of global significance. It is known to be one of the most controversial science matters of our time (Paterson, 2000). This issue is not just a scientific matter, it is an issue that effects our everyday lifeOur human race is causing Global warming due to its use of activities resulting in a rise in the temperature of the earth’s climate (Strickland, 2005). Every day there are more and more stories in the media about Global warming and the tragedies that follow. If we do not take immediate action against this issue, the world we live in will be open to an unwanted amount of change. These changes may include the earth’s temperature becoming hotter with the addition of small islands being swallowed by the ocean. This is due to the ice caps melting which in turn is causing the sea level to rise. There will also be a rise in the amount of storms, droughts and heat waves occurring all over the world. Another factor of change that will take place will be the extinction of animals that are only used to a certain climate. These would include the polar bear and penguin.
If the earth did not obtain the greenhouse effect it would look a lot like mars, so why do we abuse it? The greenhouse effect occurs because of the natural gases that are in the air. Global warming is becoming more and more threatening as there becomes an increase in these greenhouse gases. Huge amounts of Carbon dioxide, Nitrous oxide…

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