Essay on Global Warming Is A Serious Issue

1000 Words Nov 17th, 2016 4 Pages
Did you know that in the past one hundred years, our planet’s temperature has risen by 0.74 degrees? It’s crazy how so many people don’t realize that global warming is a serious issue, that can change the face of our planet. According to Edmond Mathez a well-known geologist, if the polar ice caps were to melt due to global warming, it is predicted that sea levels would rise 70 meters destroying almost every coastal city on the planet, changing the face of our planet. Global warming is said cause many things such as the polar ice caps melting, destroying the ozone layer, and an increase in surface temperature. We as the habitats of planet earth must accept that global warming is a serious issue, and stop denying that global warming is some type of conspiracy theory when the evidence is clearly visible. If we don’t act today, future generations will be faced with the challenge of trying to repair our environment, which by that point it might be too late to fix the problem. Global warming is caused by the emission of greenhouse gasses that are released into the atmosphere, the heat from these gasses radiates back towards the planet causing an increase in surface temperature. Increases in surface temperature can cause higher temperatures, droughts, wildfires, polar ice caps melting, and many more dangerous natural disasters. According to National Geographic, climate studies show how “the last two decades of the 20th century have been the hottest in the last 400 years”, also…

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