Global Warming Is A Problem Essay

2355 Words Dec 7th, 2016 10 Pages
I’m sure you all have heard that global warming is a problem and using your car less or integrating efficient additions to your home such as fluorescent light bulbs, or more efficient appliances will reduce carbon dioxide usage. I’m sure you have all heard the consequences of global warming, such as rising temperatures, melting glaciers, and rising sea levels but think: Why do I care? I have been in the same situation all my life until in the past, recently in the past five years I have notice the overall rise in temperature. This sparked me to research more about global warming and find out the real problems with global warming. Although some believe global warming is not a real problem, it is a clear issue when you consider the rise in temperature in the last 70 years throughout the world. When assigned this essay I quickly knew I could write about this topic because I’m interested in it but also have a lot to learn about global warming and what I can do to reduce carbon dioxide usage. Global warming is a huge problem the world faces and knowing how it is caused, its effects, and how to prevent it could save the Earth in the future. For many years global warming causes were unknown until the past century scientist have learned the overall climate has increased. Most climate scientist agree the main cause of the current global warming trend is human expansion of the greenhouse effect (A Blanket Around the Earth). The greenhouse effect is “the warming that…

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