Global Warming Is A Natural Cycle For Earth Essay

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How do we know global warming is produced by humans? Can global warming be a natural cycle for earth? Global warming is an enormous problem in our world. A hole in the ozone layer isn’t relatively helpful for human health no matter what the cause is. Global warming is the growth in the earth 's typical atmospheric temperature that causes consistent changes in climate and that may be caused from “the greenhouse effect”. The global average surface temperature has increased by 0.24% every decade for the past fifty years. Citizens of the world have a tendency to have different opinions on the cause of global warming. Some individuals believe human beings are the reason of global warming and others believe its cause by earth’s natural cycle. Scientists from all over the world believe that humans are the cause of global warming and a small percentage of scientist believe is due to natural environmental changes.
The first argument about global warming is that scientist consider humans are to blame for global warming. The growth in population is a major consequence on Global warming. With more inhabitants comes the use of more trains, cars, planes, boats etc. These motorized vehicles are the grounds for more carbon dioxide to enter the atmosphere the whole world is acknowledging that we need to modify our way of living. More vehicles and more airplanes are producing enormous amounts of carbon monoxide into the atmosphere. According to an article in the L.A Times aviation causes…

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