Global Warming Is A Major Issue For Us Today Essay

832 Words Aug 25th, 2015 4 Pages
Global Warming Global warming has become a major issue for us today. Global warming is an increase in temperature caused by many different natural and manmade reasons. Because of global warming, not only are humans affected, but also animals who struggle to survive and the plants who allow us to survive. Global warming is becoming a bigger risk for all of us each day. Even though there are many causes and effects, there are many ways to prevent global warming as well. Global warming has various causes, effects, and multiple solutions to help our physical world from drastic climate change. Global warming is caused by both unnatural and natural causes. An unnatural cause includes the greenhouse effect. The greenhouse effect is caused by greenhouse gases that increase the temperature of the Earth’s surface by expanding the net downward long wave radiation (Selin). Greenhouse gases can also cause long periods of heat waves and cold snaps, shown by past records of climate change (Tollefson). Because of the greenhouse effect, we experience increase of high temperatures in unusual weather patterns. The greenhouse effect isn’t the only unnatural cause; aerosols are also another contributor to global warming. Aerosols are a crucial manmade radiative forcing of climate (Selin). They barricade some of oncoming solar radiation which generates a negative radiative forcing (Seling). Aerosols can change climate by taking in or pushing out any oncoming solar radiation. Also, they create…

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