Essay about Global Warming Is A Major Issue Facing The World Today

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Global warming is a major issue facing the world today. The earth’s physical temperature has gradually began to increase by one degree almost every year. A temperature increase of one degrees does not sound harmful but yet it has caused many natural disasters such as droughts and major storms like floods, tsunamis, and unexpected tornados. Fossil fuels, deforestation, and electrical power plants are some factors that have caused this global crisis. Fossil fuels, deforestation, and electrical power plants release harmful chemicals such as carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Releasing these dangerous chemicals into the atmosphere causes the ozone layer to gradually disintegrate. The ozone layer is a shield around the earth. This shield protects the earth from incoming threats such as meteoroids and UV radiation from the sun. Without the protection of the ozone layer the earth will gradually begin to increase in temperature due to the increased amount of UV radiation. This temperature increase would begin to make earth uninhabitable for humans and other living species. Therefore, the issue on global warming must be treated as a major priority by all countries. Due to the drastic effect of global warming; citizens of all countries must come up with solutions that will help slow down the global warming process. A possible solution to slowing down the global warming process is the use of solar panels to provide electricity for all buildings and homes. (Claim) Using solar panels…

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