Global Warming Is A Major Issue Around The World Essay

1546 Words Dec 17th, 2015 7 Pages
Global warming has been a major issue around the world in these past years. Many scientists have been in search for solutions those including fracking and recycling followed by a variety of other suggested methods. When learning about the global environment we tend to direct our attention to one specific continent, forgetting that global warming is not only effecting the United States(U.S) but is also effecting all of the other countries and land masses. By narrowing in on two locational different continents whose environments are being targeted and effected differently. By contrasting those differences and how their population is adapting to changes, and how one has affected the other. Australia faces significant environmental and economic impacts from climate change that has grown larger over the years. Global warming has already showed impact in Australia and New Zealand including water stress, shrinking glaciers, rising sea level, low rainfall patterns, and an increase of fires and heat waves. Scientists are informed that climate change will cause increases in extreme weather and a more frequent pattern. Decisions made today about infrastructure, health, water management, agriculture, and biodiversity and housing will more than likely have long term consequences for future upcoming generations. In Australia the coral reef is also being negatively affected by this greenhouse effect. These reef-building corals are highly vulnerable to rising sea temperatures and ocean…

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