Global Warming Is a Hype Essay

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Climate Change is a Natural Cycle:
Global Warming is a Hype

Terra Nova is a new American TV series on the Fox network, which airs on Mondays and has caught the attention of a wide audience for its science fiction suspense. The show is intriguing because it relates to a huge debate going on right now amongst scientist, politicians and environmentalist; Global Warming. Is it real and if so, are humans the cause. In Terra Nova it is year 2149 and Earth is being destroyed to extinction due to air quality and overpopulation therefore, it has become impossible for humanity to survive and almost no vegetation exists. This leads humans to scramble and figure out a way to survive by trying to go back in time and not make the same mistakes.
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Scientist who have looked at data from farther back to the current interglacial period which, started about 10,000 years ago have noticed that there is a consistent pattern in the Earths warming and cooling cycle. The most recent cool snap was the Little Ice Age followed by a warm spell which was no more dramatic than the warm up that preceded it. In the Gulf of Cambay off the western coast of India, archeologists have found an ancient city 9500 years old and 120 feet underwater. How could sea levels raised so high when the burning of fossil didn’t begin until the 1800s?

Although man-made Carbon dioxide has increased from 1950 to present, temperatures from 1940 to 1980 decreased. The truth is that CO2 is a natural gas that has always been a fraction of the atmospheric content. Carbon dioxide traps an estimated 10-20% of the Earth’s heat, making other atmospheric events bigger factors in Earth’s climate change. At least 70-80% of Earth’s warming effects come from water vapor and clouds, not CO2. Other major contributors to warming include high altitude cirrus clouds and sunspots. Cirrus clouds are thin which form when water vapor undergoes deposition at altitudes above 18,000 ft in temperate regions and above 20,000 ft in tropical regions. Studies show that cirrus clouds raise the temperature of the air beneath them by an average of 10 °C (18 °F). The sun is composed of highly magnetic plasma which is constantly

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