Essay on Global Warming Is A Huge Problem

1543 Words Dec 8th, 2015 7 Pages
Global warming is a huge problem that is currently affecting the entire Earth. However, this climate change has been present for millions and millions of years, but recently it has been rapidly increasing. Many people are unaware of the resulting consequences of global warming, how they really are affecting this Earth, and what steps to take to create a solution. Many people also question who is to blame for this rapid increase. Are humans solely to blame for global warming, or is it bound to happen by natural causes? Scientific evidence and much research are giving that answer. Human behaviors are the source of the rapid increase in global warming. Global warming can be described in many ways. By definition, global warming is the unusually rapid increase in Earths average surface temperature over the past century primarily due to the greenhouse gasses released by people burning fossil fuels (3). In other words, carbon dioxide and other global warming pollutants are collection in the atmosphere like a thickening blanket, trapping the suns heat and causing the planet to heat up (7). All in all, global warming is one of the world’s most pressing problems (9). It cannot just be ignored. Human causes of global warming are occurring rapidly more and more every day, and it is very evident (8). It is also very damaging to Americans in many ways and will affect the economy tremendously (8). One huge contribution to global warming is the use of combustion engines in cars which…

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