Global Warming Is A Good Thing Essay

1035 Words Jun 7th, 2015 null Page
“Global warming refers to a long-term increase in the Earth 's average surface temperature that results in large-scale changes in global climate, including redistribution of climatic zones defined by temperature, precipitation, and associated ecosystems”, says Bill Freedman from the Gale Encyclopedia of Science. Although all we hear about is how global warming is bad and how we the people need to unite as a collective group and save our planet back from the whole problem, it is time to put our fears and despairs about global warming to rest once and for all. Global warming isn’t such a bad thing. Global warming is causing the environment to getting hotter, followed by the ocean levels rising, and the amount of carbon dioxide increasing and for that global warming should be supported The first reason global warming is a good thing is because the world warms up. Scientist say that, “Earth’s climate is warming. During the 20th Century Earth’s average temperature rose 0.6° Celsius 1.1°F…. scientists are finding that the change in temperature has been causing other aspects of our planet to change. The effects of global warming are far reaching” (Windows2universe). This harm will be good. It is good because people won’t have to turn their furnaces on to heat their houses as much. Not only will this save homeowners and businesses money, we will also be using less natural gas that can be saved for other things such as making fertilizer, and fuel for cars. A Green Peace report…

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