Global Warming Is A Good Lesson For All Of Energy Essay

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In recent days, the increase in continuous power demand and very slow generation of power is making researchers to work more on efficient power generation. On the other side, the regular price hike in fuel, increase in global warming and adversely effecting environment pollution. Global warming is a good lesson for all of us, these challenges for engineers are encouraging them to work more on clean, renewable and eco-friendly sources. By using renewable energy sources greenhouse emissions can be controlled. All renewable energy sources are self-sustaining energy sources, they produce energy on themselves. Recycling of energy can be achieved through renewable energy. There are many renewable energy sources like solar, wind, tidal and geo-thermal energy sources. Among the renewable energy sources, solar energy is available abundantly. Sunlight gives great chance to produce electricity at free of cost. Solar energies are one of the most commonly used alternative energies in daily life. Solar cells are electrical devices which converts light energy into electricity by using photovoltaic effect. Photovoltaic effect is defined as the generation of electricity using sunlight. Solar cells they together constitute photovoltaic modules and solar cells are also called as solar panels. Solar cells are made with materials like silicon, gallium arsenide and titanium oxide.
Photovoltaic cells are one of the sources for alternative energy. They are used to…

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