Global Warming Essay

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from the Pathans with musical concerts. Most of the tribal people participate in the concerts wearing colorful costumes. During Eid all the tribesmen get together around the shrine of Baba Kharwari which is in Ziarat Valley. This is where marksmanship and wrestling competition are held at. There are a large number of people who visit here regularly with offering of sacrifices in memory of the saint. The Quaid-I-Azam was where Ali Jinnah 's lived in Ziarat Valley, during his last days of illness now all his house relics of him and it is a highly revered site. His house was originally built in l882 by the British and was used by an agent for the governor as his summer headquarters.
Takht Bhai is known as one of the holy places of Buddhism.
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Summer months are April to July these months have the most extreme temperatures. The monsoon season months are July to September these months have the highest amount of rainfall on the hills. Karachi has little and very few days of rain. Studies are starting to show that Global warming is starting to become a big factor in Pakistan with all of the warmer winter months, makes the glacial melt and there is a small drop in temperature during the summer …show more content…
These are the months when most of the days are cool with clear skies. The best time to vacation or visit northern Pakistan is during the months of April to October. Outside of these months the weather is not so good mostly snowy, cloudy skies which make it very difficult to fly to many mountainous places. Keep in mind that the monsoon plays ha big part with travel in Pakistan that is not to be taken lightly. As there have recorded and witnessed recently with some of the most devastating floods of 2010 recorded. In 2010 this was the worst in over 80 years. It is suggested to wear light weight warmer clothing, including base layers and woolens that are easy to put on and take off, for upland areas in the winter. Good hiking boots are a must for every mountain explorers. All that are walking and climbing the mountains should have spiked boots, poles and thermals. Most visitors can buy wool socks warm clothing, sweaters, wind breaker jackets and pants at a very good price in the bazaars of Pakistan. These clothing might not be good for western Pakistan standards because they will be quite heavy. Rainwear is highly advised for the season of monsoon so if you decide to spend any of your time in the cities during these months, do not rule out the fact of and possibility of bringing along some good wet weather boots as the rain can spiral out of control

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