Global Warming : Causes And Effects Essay

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Global Warming happens when the Earths surface temperature increases due to the greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide have on the ozone layer. These emissions come from the burning of fossil fuels, such as gasoline from cars, or deforestation. This process traps unwanted heat that would otherwise leave the earth, causing a rise in temperature. Global Warming can affect the temperature and weather of the earth and cause many devastating consequences all around the world.
The most common greenhouse gas is actually water vapor, not something created by humanity in huge sums. Be that as it may, even slight increments in atmospheric levels of carbon dioxide can result in a considerable increase in temperature. despite the fact that the convergences of these gasses are not about as expansive as that of oxygen and nitrogen, the primary constituents of the climate, not one or the other oxygen or nitrogen are greenhouse gasses. (NMSEA, pg 3). This is on the grounds that not one or the other has more than two molecules for every particle, thus they fail to offer the inner vibrational modes that particles with more than two iotas have. (NMSEA, pg 3). Both water and carbon dioxide, for example, have these inner vibrational modes, and these vibrational modes can ingest and reradiate infrared radiation, which causes the greenhouse impact.
Carbon dioxide has a tendency to stay in the air for a long periods of time, sometimes years. Water vapor, then again, can undoubtedly consolidate or…

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