Global Warming And The Warming Essay

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When discussing the topic of Global Warming many questions are thrown up in the air. There are some scientific uncertainties and political controversies that follow this topic. For starters, there are those that generalize the description of Global Warming as the Earth crumbling. On the other hand, there are others who are not frighten by the idea of Global Warming and do not believe there is anything to worry about. In addition, alternatives and responses to this issue are up for debate. There are many factors to this issue that do not have final answers, however, what can be agreed upon is the fact that the Earth is getting warmer. Now some may ask why the Earth is getting warmer. There are two general answers for this, natural causes and human-generated factors and even then the answer is not as simple. When looking at Global Warming as an issue, the problem of greenhouse gases are introduced and because of this, nuclear power has been suggested as an alternative (USA Today Magazine, 2005). Greenhouse gases, which includes CO2 emissions, have a direct correlation with the increase of the Earth’s temperature. In addition, it is widely understood that these burning fossil fuels generate the CO2 emission. This is when the issue of fossil fuel being the main source of energy comes to light. Our main source of energy contributes to the warming of the Earth we live in today (USA Today Magazine, 2005).
Pros of Nuclear Power One alternative to burning fossil fuel is…

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