Global Warming And The Benefits Of Renewable Energy

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Many families all over America get their electricity turned off because they cannot forward to pay the bill. Running an electrical plant racks up the money and costs a lot. Global warming is becoming a problem and using too much of limited resources is becoming an even bigger problem. Electrical bills have increased 7% over the past 14 years and will continue to increase, making it harder for families to pay their bills. To lower-income families, the electric bill makes up a larger part of their residential bills, making up [up to] 26% of the bills. Currently the energy power that America is using is not safe for the people and the biosphere while being extremely expensive to build and run. Though it would be a lump sum of money at first, …show more content…
Currently the nuclear electric system that is being used is claimed "not negatively affecting" the biosphere or the people, which may be true as of right now, but all it takes is one mistake that can lead to an explosion and detrimentally affect the lives of people and animals all around the United States. "Two major environmental attributes that arise out of using renewable energy are the reduction of pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Another attribute of renewable energy is that there is less reliance on foreign resources for energy." (Benefits of Renewable Energy for Native Nations from the Environmental and Native Perspectives, Lani Tsinnajinnie). Sustainable energy uses natural sources that can be renewed, such as air, water, and sun, so when using efficient energy there is no need to tap into limited foreign resources for energy, which also is an economic benefit as well. When using renewable sources paying another country to use their limited resources is not necessary, limited resources are obviously not infinite so they will eventually run out, leaving our future free of energy. As well as ensuring a future of energy and saving finite resources, such as uranium and oil, efficient energy is all natural and there is no possible way for part of the environment to harm the environment. Also, the conveniency of renewable energy is amazing, in states where there wind is abundant, build a wind power plant, same for sun and water. America will never run out of sun, wind, and

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