Global Warming And Its Protection Essay

1892 Words Oct 14th, 2015 8 Pages
The environment, along with its protection and issues connected with it are questions of interest nowadays. Many people are concerned with the state of the earth and our destructive impact on nature itself. Because of the slow change our environment is undergoing, many have failed to realize that this is even a problem. In, “An Inconvenient Truth,” Al Gore explains, “If a frog is put into a container of water that slowly increases in heat, it will stay there until it... Gets pulled out of the container. But if you put the same frog into a container with water that is already boiled it will jump out.” With the change of the environment moving ever so slowly, people need to start recognizing that they have to change their lifestyle to prevent disaster from happening. To achieve real substantive change for nature and the environment, everyone has to contribute to help the earth by controlling the population, regulating global warming, and stopping deforestation. So what is global warming? Global warming is the usually rapid increase in earth’s average surface temperature over the past century primarily due to the greenhouse gasses released as people burn fossil fuels. According to the temperature per year graph on NASA’s site, the global average rose about 0.3 degrees Celsius between 1906 and 2005, and the rate of temperature increase has nearly doubled in the last 50 years. Temperatures are certain to keep on increasing exponentially. Many people believe that the…

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