Essay about Global Warming And Its Effects On The Environment

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In order to maintain a healthy green planet; firstly, “planting more trees will absorb more carbon from the atmosphere” (Mackey 19). Secondly, the idea of geoengineering could be implied to stave off the issue of global warming. The global climate change is an incalculable issue today. You would rarely find a person not au fait with this issue. Melting glaciers, ocean acidification, rising sea levels, and increasing concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere are all consequences of global warming. In order to reduce global warming, greenhouse gas emissions must dwindle, particularly the emission of carbon dioxide from burning fossil fuels. Approximately thirty percent of the carbon dioxide released in the atmosphere in past and present due to human activities is from the reckless cutting of trees. While the vast seventy percent is from the burning of fossil fuels (coal, oil and gas) for energy. Afforestation and use of sustainable energy sources will help tackle the issue. Contiguous with that, geoengineering projects like ocean fertilization and engineered weathering could be used to reverse the global warming trend. Planting trees, which is afforestation could reduce global warming considerably. As we know the green plants give out oxygen and take in carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Thus, absorbing large amounts of carbon from the atmosphere. When deforestation is carried out by humans, which is cutting of trees for obtaining timber, paper or to clear the land…

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