Global Warming And Its Effects On The Environment Essay

1311 Words Jul 24th, 2015 6 Pages
Even though people cannot do much, we can all take part in taking responsibility in improving the environment. Ehrlich’s writing urges people to do things that can slow down global warming effects and prevent more harm to ecosystem by showing readers glacier that melt in fast rate due to increased industrialism by humans. Gawande’s article helps me to understand that pollution not only can damage the earth, but pollutions can have direct effects on humans as well. He’s article of “The Cancer Cluster Myth”, implied impact of contamination (Both in water and on ground), and toxic waste on cancer cluster effect in some communities. Saukko’s essay shows us many ways the planet can get poisoned; her essay helps readers to think about what we can do to prevent more pollution to dump upon the earth by encouraging them to do more of it in every
Saukko helped me to understand many part of human actions both individually and collectively can poison the earth, human has participated in many of his steps on how to poison the earth such as dump chemical waste, such as from factories or industrial waste from river or to lake. Even though she uses satire and irony often throughout her essay, we can still comprehend the issue she is trying to teach us about, and its significance. Ehrlich uses sensory perceptions in human terms to describe glaciers. “Chronicles of Ice has many examples of sensory perceptions, such as wombs, lips, icy cheekbones, bodies, teeth, etc. In paragraph…

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