Global Warming And Its Effects On The World Essay

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It is cold in the winter and warm in the summer. To most Americans global warming does not seem like a problem. If it is hot out we simply turn our thermostats to a colder temperature and if it’s cold we crank up the heat. However, CO2 levels are rising to levels never before seen by humans and its happening at a rate faster than ever. Through scientific modeling it is clear that temperatures never before seen by humans are going to be endured faster than anticipated and without combating the exponentially growing CO2 levels species on Earth may not survive and ultimately cause trouble for humans.

Fifty-five million years ago, a sudden, influx of carbon gases flooded the ocean and atmosphere.
This major change was caused by an alteration to the carbon cycle. While some things are unknown about this time period it is clear that it has to have been a source of isotopically light Carbon (C-12) and released methane hydrates (sedimentary mineral that occurs in the continental shelf areas/permafrost regions which contain a large amount of CO2). Scientists analyzed this through studying the decomposition of buried organic matter.

Accompanied by the influx of carbon gasses and evaluated through organic matter it is clear that there was an increase in the average global surface temperature by about 8º Celsius. This time period, now classified as the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum (PETM), lasted upwards of 200,000 years causing dramatic impact to all living things both on land…

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