Global Warming And Its Effects On The Earth Essay

1087 Words Nov 5th, 2014 null Page
Global Warming Scientists have spent their lives studying the earth; taking note of all its activities, changes and collusion. After studying and analyzing the earth, they came up with the term known as Global warming. Global Warming can be defined as “the unusual and frequent increase in the earth’s temperature over time, primarily due to the greenhouse gases released by people burning fossil fuels. Looking back to the history of the earth, it has experience several changes; climate has been one of the major factor that has greatly impacted the earth.” (Riebeek, para 1). Another definition by Maria Trimarchi simply states that “Global Warming is as a result of the long-term effects by greenhouse gas; mainly carbon dioxide and methane on the earth’s temperature after they approach the atmosphere and gets trapped in the sun’s heat. From further research and studying done, it could be safe to say that Global Warming is the exposure of harmful toxic, oxides and fumes to the atmosphere. And although researchers and scientists are working well to help reduce and regulate it, it’s still happening. As the term or name implies Global Warming, it is a global issue and cannot be handled locally. Several theories and techniques required to help stabilize the cause and effect are still under study. Some people wonder if global warming is real and who should be held responsible. Global Warming is one of the most current and widely discussed over the world, and…

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