Global Warming And Its Effects On Our World Essay

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If mankind does not change its habits, the earth could be destroyed. People’s activities, whether by accident or by choice, are contributing to the destruction of the earth. Both global warming and littering are affecting our world with catastrophic results. According to Ilissa Ocko, a scientist at the Environmental Defense Fund, regarding global warming, “Scientists are more confident than ever that humans are responsible.” (Environmental Defense Fund, 2015) Equally worrying, “$11.5 billion is spent every year cleaning up litter,” according to the organization Litter It Costs You (Litter It Costs You, 2015) Together, these two factors are costing billions of dollars and slowly destroying the earth. Young people should be particularly concerned about the future of our earth. This generation can help educate and change harmful practices before it is too late. If we do not change our current practices regarding environmental conservation, humans will destroy the earth.
One of the key components contributing to global warming is the burning of fossil fuels by factories. In his article “Environmental Pollution Caused by Factories”, John Peterson asserts, “Factory emissions contribute greatly to the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, and it is estimated that industry and electrical generating factories contribute slightly more than 50 percent of greenhouse gases.” Greenhouse gases are trapped in the earth’s atmosphere and cause global warming. Another type…

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