Global Warming And Its Effects On Maryland Essay

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Global Warming and Its Effects on Maryland
Today, global warming is evident all over the globe. Luckily, our society has the technology to analyze its effects and can come up with ideas and tools people can implement to slow this damaging and frightening process down. Already, Maryland is the 3rd state most at risk for global warming and climate change. Specifically in Maryland, global warming has definitely become a visible threat to their economy; global warming is effecting their tourist count and the amount of usable shoreline land. Luckily, the federal and Maryland’s state government have provided citizens with insightful facts and easy ways to help adapt to the changes that come with global warming.
Global warming is already here and happening. Maryland is currently extremely susceptible to climate alteration as it has long distance shoreline1. Already, the sea level has risen 1 foot in the past 100 years1. This is an alarming statistic. 6.1% of Maryland’s 4,360 miles of coastline are vulnerable to induction from sea level rises by the year of 21001. This number is only suspected to increase. Land subsides to causing areas around the Chesapeake Bay are subject to experience twice as much sea level rise compared to the rest of the world1. As if that is not already alarming in itself, with sea levels increasing, the Chesapeake will become even harder to restore2. Sea level rises as the globe warms and the ice caps and glaciers melt2. Eventually, the rising of the sea…

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