Global Warming And Its Effects On Earth Essay

755 Words Dec 10th, 2014 4 Pages
Since the beginning of the evolution of the world as a whole, the problems have become accumulate over the planet, and the universe in general. To the extent that there are many things concerning the safety of life on Earth, and we could not until today to find the appropriate interpretation for it in order to find appropriate solutions. On the other hand, this planet 's problems have been associated mainly with technological development, industrial, political, and many others. Our planet is not likely more pollution or anything that harms it, because it is sadly contaminated already. Global warming will kill the life on earth if we did not put a proper solution. The global warming is one of the problems that permeated our lives in a big way, and it started since the man began to search for the various fields in order to develop his life. Instead of enjoying life and beauty, began working to sabotage the universe, and to destroy it unintentionally.
NASA defined the global warming in nasa,org says “Global warming is the rise in temperature in a gradual, so that the temperature on the planet is very close to the normal temperature limit, which may cause snow melted”. Furthermore, some scientists reported the causes of global warming, and the reports say that the most important cause of global warming is emission natural gas emerging from volcanoes, and the earthquakes that have worked on the open ground, and extraction of coal and others, that has been used in very…

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