Global Warming And Its Effects On Coral Essay

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The struggle for balance between man and nature is as old as time, while precious treasures could cease to exist as a sacrifice to find that balance. Corals reefs are living creatures and ecosystems that are located in shallow warm tropical oceans, which house hundreds of tropical species of fish. Unfortunately, tourism and human related climate change is killing reef’s around the world causing loss of habitat and pressuring species survival. Tourism has a number of factors that destroy the reefs such as chemical pollutants and seaweed infestation inflicting coral preventing the ecosystem to flourish . Global warming directly affects corals by acidifying the oceans and rising sea levels and temperature. With so many negative impact on coral, only tourism is directly correlated with direct human contact with the natural ecosystem with the irony of those seeking its beauty.

Tourism in many of the world great reefs is a slow plague that is pandemic to all. How can snorkeling be so harmful, visitors just swim and sight see. Irresponsible tourism is the big elephant in the room, and Hanauma Bay was one of its victims which had its reefs devastated. This bay is located in O 'ahu, Hawaii, the same island which also house Honolulu. Since it proximity and bright colorful coral, Hanauma Bay quickly became a popular tourist destination for those visiting Hawaii. "We were using the hell out of it" said Alan Hong, a park department ocean recreational specialist, tourist came in buses…

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