Global Warming And Its Effect On The World Essay

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Global Warming was at its peak in 2011. All we were taught in school was how to prevent the world from drowning because of Global Warming. At first all the things we studied were useless because it didn’t directly affect us. As the beginning of our fall of 2011 we heard rumors of having a snow storm earlier this year. All we expected was just a couple inches of snow since it was barely fall. As soon as the storm got closer to us we had lost hope of even having a storm. But the day when it hit us was the day when we realized that we really underestimated it and there was something very big ahead of us. The day before the storm all of my family was constantly checking the weather to follow up on the storm and the news named it Hurricane Sandy. So we thought it would just be winds with a couple of showers. We had fear and excitement because if we have a hurricane, then we wouldn’t have school. The news anchors made it sound like it was nothing. They said turned away from us and we will be feeling a light effect of it. My parents were relieved that they will have jobs tomorrow and the house will be fine. But in contrast to my parents, all of us children were sad because we would have school tomorrow. So we went out to cherish our moods. As we were playing outside the first few winds started to blow, but weren’t fast at all. Next thing we hear is Governor Christie has declared a State of Emergency and asked all families to stay inside. Not thinking about the storm we jumped in…

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