Global Warming And Its Effect On The Environment Essay

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Although people have their own opinions about global warming, it is a fact that it is harming the earth’s atmosphere; therefore, steps should be taken to eliminate or greatly reduce the factors that are contributing to global warming. This ad by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) is trying to get people to change the way they live their lives in order to stop or prevent global warming. UNEP does a really good job of this with the ad; the viewer sees the ocean in the background with the melting icicles closer to the forefront. UNEP’s endeavor is to assess environmental conditions and to create environmental machinery that will, in effect, be able to take care of our environment. This organization tries to inform people about what is happening to our environment in hopes that they will change their way of living, which will decrease the causes of global warming and promote better lives for people all around the world.
What is global warming? Global warming is the slow increase of the earth’s atmosphere temperature. Global warming can be attributed to the greenhouse effect, higher levels of carbon dioxide, and many other factors. This ad catches everybody’s attention, because everyone, in one-way or another, contributes to global warming, whether they know it or not. Cars and trucks that have big engines release more carbon dioxide than smaller cars. The burning of fossil fuels is another major cause of global warming because it releases large amounts of carbon…

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