Essay on Global Warming And Its Effect On The Earth

2356 Words Nov 17th, 2014 null Page
What is global warming and what is the proof that it exists? The topic of whether global warming is real and what the consequences it may have has been heavily debated for quite some time now. The reason why it has been debated for such an extended amount of time is because there are still unknowns to confirm that global warming is a true threat to the earth. Many people do not believe in global warming because they truly do not know the basic concept of global warming. There are missing pieces to the idea of global warming, but there are more facts proving it is an existing problem. The harmful effect that global warming is having on the earth and its inhabitants is not going away without humans worldwide coming together to handle global warming before it is too late to reverse it. For humans worldwide to come together to battle global warming, the public must be informed of what global warming is and the effects of it. Global warming is the rising average temperature of the earth (5). In the past century average steadily rose throughout the world effecting each region differently (2). The rise in global temperatures is linked to increased droughts, hurricanes, tornadoes, and several other events that are currently plaguing the earth (2). The effect of global warming is heavily debated, but what is actually causing global warming has been even more heavily debated. One of the possible causes of global warming are the greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gas emission is one of the…

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