Global Warming And Its Effect On Our Lives Essay

2083 Words May 10th, 2016 null Page
I will be writing about Global Warming. Global Warming has been a local issue because it is shaping the world til this day . Many people ask the question what is Global Warming ? Global warming is something that is not really answered.
I choose to write about this topic because to me this has been a big issue. Global Warming impacts our lives in many ways. I also, chose to write about Global Warming because it’s an issue that is not really brought to many people’s attention . Global Warming is an issue that you have to actually look into. You may ask how is Global warming caused.?
In the United States power plants represent the single largest source of carbon pollution spreading about 2 tons in the air daily in a year. Are there any solutions? Yes we have many solutions to end Global Warming but it’s about everybody putting their actions to it . Global warming is also, a local issue because it revolves around us as a society. How will I change Global or show a change? Well I will use studies from different Experiments to show how Global warming is caused and how we can solve the issue. Global warming is a increase change in the world’s temperature and is is normally caused by carbon dioxide. Climate change is the main issue for Global warming . Climate change is responsible for rising seas, raging storms, searing heat , Global warming and punishing floods. why is Global warming important Global warming is part of the world the world it effect’s many things such as…

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