Global Warming And Its Effect On Earth Essay

1200 Words Oct 9th, 2016 5 Pages
Over the past century, global warming has become a major concern to environmentalist and people worldwide. The warming of Earth’s atmosphere and land have started to make itself present to many. In 2016, Earth’s global surface temperature is approximated to rise 1.3 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels (Le Page,1). Throughout the last century, it’s become evident to what has led to the increase in the warming of Earth. Much of the warming on Earth has been caused by the increased abundance of carbon in the atmosphere. With the world population growing, many of the forest and trees are being cut down to build residence and service buildings. The process of cutting down trees leads to carbon being released into the atmosphere by machinery, however much release of carbon comes from the burning of the trees. Without these trees less carbon is captured and “if you don’t replant, the released greenhouse go into the atmosphere” (Ask The Tree Doctor). Trees do not just benefit us with capturing carbon molecules, they produce the oxygen we breath early day. However, the cutting of trees is not the only reason of the rising carbon levels in the atmosphere, “most industries and power stations are dependent upon the exploitation of fossil fuels…the aforesaid fuels are all hydrocarbons and primarily release carbon dioxide (CO2) on combustion” (Singh, 914). With the increase in our world’s advances we need more buildings built, as you see driving down the road daily. Many…

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