Global Warming And Its Effect On Earth Essay examples

1006 Words Oct 12th, 2015 5 Pages
Try to imagine a world without New York, London, and the Indonesian Islands. This could soon become reality if there is not more done to prevent global warming, a gradual increasing of the temperature on earth.. Many people have researched global warming and the causes for it. Some say it is just because the climate is changing by itself. Others believe it is due to the carbon dioxide emissions caused by planes, cars, homes, workplaces, pollution, and forest burnings. Pollution causes the thin atmosphere to thicken, and that causes the heat and carbon dioxide to be trapped and not go back into space. This causes the temperatures to rise globally. If the ice were to melt it would force more than a million people to relocate, changing their ways of life, due to flooding because of the melting glaciers around the world. Global warming has become a major controversy with very few answers to why global warming and climate change is getting worse. Many scientists have theories as to why global warming is an actual issue in our society. Even people are starting to realize that the climate change is becoming a bigger issue and commenting on different reasons they believe it is happening. Everyone seems to be looking for answers, but always coming up short on what is really causing global warming. So what is causing it? Global warming is caused from a surplus of things, but the main reason this is becoming a bigger reality and not stopping or slowing down is because humans…

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