Essay on Global Warming And Its Effect On America

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Global Warming and its Effect on America
In elementary school, we learn the steps of the Water Cycle. We know that for it to rain, warm air has to evaporate water from rivers, oceans, pond, trees, etc, and then it transforms that water into condensation. Soon there will be enough condensation built up that we will experience rainfall, snow, and other types of precipitation. Around the world, we are experiencing a great increase in rain. Why is this? Why is our world constantly undergoing more precipitation than we were in previous years? Scientists have reason to believe that the biggest cause of this is Global Warming. (1) In an article titled, Changing Rain and Snow Patterns, the author of the article states, “On average, the world is already getting more precipitation now than it did 100 years ago: 6 percent more in the United States and nearly 2 percent more worldwide.” The real questions most Americans have is: What is Global Warming? How is this happening? What else does it do to our country? And how do we stop, or lessen, the amount of damage and change it does in the U.S? In this essay, I will inform you about Global warming, the harm it could eventually do to our country, and the steps we can take to help stop it.
What exactly is Global Warming? Americans are warned daily on how Global Warming is damaging and could possibly really hurt our atmosphere, but most don’t actually understand what is happening. Global warming is our Earth and our atmosphere heating up.…

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