Global Warming And Humans

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It is true that the climate has changed and humans are accountable for causing it?
Global warming has been one of the biggest deals of political and scientific controversy. As we know that the scientists have discovered mysteries of the world and universe in the past decades. Is it to be believed that humans are involved in causing the global warming?
One of my main reasons for saying that the Earth is actually becoming warmer, is because of the increasing temperatures through the thermometer records kept over the past century and half. It is recorded that around the world, the Earth’s average temperature has raised more than 1 degree Fahrenheit over the last century, and about twice that in parts of the Arctic.
Likewise, there is evidence
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As their concentration is much lower than CO2, none of these gases adds as much warmth to the atmosphere as carbon dioxide does.
For instance, CNN has stated that temperature changes have been notice over the last 50 years, dues to human activities. As 90 to 99% of daily human activities cause global warming.
As I stated before, the main activities include the use of more machines (cars, airplanes, buses etc.) that release carbon dioxide due to population growth, use of non-environmentally safe products (aerosols) and deforestation. As we are cutting down trees the process of photosynthesis cannot take place. Therefore large amount of CO2 are left in the air. So deforestation is the second major factor that causes global warming.
On the contrary, there are believers that support the theory that the global warming is just a natural process and humans are not involved on it. It is said that Sun’s energy output have had an impact on the changes of Planet
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If there were such a proof it would be written down for all to see. No actual proof, as it is understood in science, exists.’ (Moore, 2014) He also said that a hotter earth would actually be better for humans.
On the other hand, one part research that is often not shared is exactly how little of an effect carbon dioxide has in making up greenhouse gases and even further, of that tiny amount, how much of it is actually created by man.
A Founder of Weather Action Foundation told to RT (Russia Today): ‘I don’t believe in manmade climate change because there is no evidence for it. In fact, carbon dioxide is controlled by world temperatures rather than other way around. Climate change is going on, and the key aspect of the big, very extreme events that happened in the last 18 months were predicted by us, the Weather Action, using solar activity. Carbon dioxide has zero effect, I repeat: zero effect, no effect whatsoever.’ (Corbyn, 2011)
Similarly, their fact is that humans only contribute 3% of all CO2 emissions, the rest is natural itself. So this means they are saying that nature itself is a cause for the majority of CO2 emissions and is not

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