Global Warming And How Is The Problem Essay

1002 Words May 10th, 2016 5 Pages
What is global warming and how is the problem significant? Global warming is a gradual increase in the Earth’s atmosphere and ocean temperatures, and it is a significant problem because it affects the way that we live. Going energy efficient is just one of many proposed solutions to the problem of global warming. Going more energy efficient interacts with economics and politics, as well as other factors. If the world goes more energy efficient, it could help reduce the changes that come from global warming.

Humans activities have produced greenhouse gases both indirectly and directly, this is commonly referred to as carbon footprint. Global warming is very much related to Carbon footprint. Science can provide many solutions to lowering carbon foot print and global warming. Energy efficiency is just one of those may solutions. Energy efficiency means to use less energy for the same service. An example of this would be using compact fluorescent lightbulbs instead of your traditional incandescent lightbulb because it uses much less energy but produces the same amount of light. This solution helps to keep carbon dioxide out of the air, makes are homes and places we go everyday comfortable, and it has a really low cost. This solution can be implemented by simply retrofitting existing equipment to make them more energy efficient or just replacing the existing equipment with newer equipment that is more energy efficient. Putting a new window in that prevents heat from escaping…

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