Global Warming And Extreme Weather Essay

927 Words Sep 21st, 2015 4 Pages
With the global warming up, extreme storm events are increasing. Global warming is having a significant and unfavorable effects on our health, and climate. In the article “Extreme Weather” by Chanan Tigay, the issue of global warming and extreme weather is addressed. The main theses of the article are whether climate change is causing extreme weather, will the increase in extreme weather events continue and finally what is the climate change impact. Through this evaluation essay, I will determine if this article will be a good example of technical writing. A good technical writing should be usable, relevant and accessible. With many evidence proving the rapid climate change is currently occurring it is pretty convincing when the sea levels and global temperature is continuing to rise. Extreme weather is happening all around the world and it will continue to increase. In the article, Tigay talks about the disturbing rise in extreme weather. This issue has been addressed by many scientists decades ago. Tigay proves this by including facts and evidence of extreme heat, drought and heavy precipitation. Extreme weather has been more frequent in recent years with drought, tornadoes, hurricanes, sea levels rising, and forest fire are continuing to happen. Tigay shows support by adding a quote of a scientist from a well known science center. Jay Gulledge, the Pew Center’s senior scientist, says that the risk of extreme weather is rising because of the climate change (Tigay). Pew’s…

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