Global Warming And Environmental Issues

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Climate change and the effects of greenhouse gas emissions have been ever present in political conversations and ideologies, thus becoming an ongoing environmental issue. Dependent upon who one believes either climate change is a scare tactic employed by “tree huggers” and is of little concern or it is a real and present danger to future generations. But what should the typical person believe and whom should they trust when world renowned scientists have such strong dissension whether the dangers surrounding climate change even exist. One is told the polar caps are melting causing sea levels to rise and potentially effecting water quality for future generations. Perhaps the current droughts experienced in the western half of the United States …show more content…
Dependent upon whom one asks this is either a real danger to our way of life or a scare tactic initiated by a few to change the way the population of the world lives for absolutely no reason. But then again, looking back on the past three decades and the differences in temperature, precipitation, and the photographic evidence showing the decrease of polar ice caps should at least raise cause for alarm. Fortunately, a few believe there is in fact a danger currently present and have taken it upon themselves to form a grassroots effort to make the world open their eyes and face the reality of what is occurring on our planet. A September demonstration in New York City and cities around the world in 2014 was led by hundreds of thousands of people voicing concerns and regarding climate change and the potentially negative effects on the planet (Bagley, 2014). Around the world people are joining together to voice their concerns regarding global warming and climate change. Communities across the country are implementing curbside recycling programs. City and town councils are looking at potential environmental impacts on their communities before moving ahead with planned projects. In California, citizens have taken it upon themselves to put into law some of the most stringent and ecologically friendly policies in the nation in order to reverse some of the damage done by climate change. California’s elected officials now take into consideration how any future project would affect the environment and plan ways to lessen potential negative impact (Davis & Chornesky,

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