Global Warming And Climate Change Essay

1581 Words Mar 31st, 2015 7 Pages
Would you consider how you live and what you do is always good for the Earth and its environment? Some may think so, but with all of our industrial centers and vehicles producing carbon emissions, it is causing many global disasters around the Earth. There has been a rise in storms and many other disasters due to this. Many want to change and help out the cause of global warming and climate change but don 't actually put the effort into it. Even though some scientists believe the evidence supporting climate change is profit-based, the U.S. and other nations should cooperate with each other and try to figure out a plan to reduce the carbon emissions, because natural disasters such as droughts and storms are occurring in greater frequency due to excess carbon emissions.
Due to a rise in carbon emissions and other greenhouse gases there has been a steady rise in storms and other natural disasters. Scientists have been recording a rise in these global storms around the world and they are becoming more frequent and bigger than they have been in the past. In fact, “there have been twice as many large global storms recorded lately then there has been in the past( Harries 21) They have been noticing lately that carbon emissions have brought a rise in global storms such as hurricanes, typhoons, hailstorms, floods, tornadoes, and droughts. Most of these storms are becoming more frequent and more intense. We do not know for sure if the climate change is causing a rise in these global…

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