Global Warming And Climate Change Essay

1270 Words Sep 29th, 2015 null Page
Imagine a barren wasteland, incapable of supporting the growth of any form of life and overpopulated with more people than it could sustain: this is the future of the earth. But, this is not just another scene from a sci-fi film of a population that has expedited their vital resources, but the reality for the “over 7 billion people” who populate the home we call earth (Hardaway 4). A considerable amount of blame is placed on global warming which is an “increase in the temperature of the lower atmosphere“; however, global warming has not garnered enough acceptance from some political officials and skeptics due to the term’s ambiguity (“global warming”). Global warming is often confused with climate change and although these terms sound alike they embody two different definitions of the climate.
Global warming implies that global temperatures are rising. The simplicity of the term is why critics often refute it. The popular misunderstanding behind this definition has brewed denial that is carried by the ideas that the earth has always experienced periods of warming and that there is not enough data on global temperatures to deduce the factuality of global warming. The term itself is misleading because global warming does not encompass the grand scope of the consequences it triggers, nor what factors are causing the temperatures to increase. In addition, to the term’s imprecise meaning global warming is being used to circulate invalid information that takes attention away…

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