Essay on Global Warming And Climate Change

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Global warming and climate change are often synonymously linked with carbon dioxide gas. Carbon dioxide is emitted into the atmosphere in several ways, some of which are: burning fossil fuels, waste, and burning trees and other wood substances. According to the EPA, carbon dioxide accounts for 82 percent of harmful greenhouse gases being released into our atmosphere (“Overview of Greenhouse Gases” 2014). Greenhouses gases work by trapping heat in the atmosphere, and essentially reflecting it back down to Earth. As a result, greenhouse gases have become a major part of the climate change problem. However, carbon dioxide emissions are a tough problem to tackle, particularly politically, due to the fact that it stays in the atmosphere for more than 100 years, and when dissolved in the oceans can last up to 1,000 years (Burney et. al. 2013, 51). Fortunately, carbon dioxide isn’t the only gas or pollutant that is causing global climate change, there are others that are more short-lived and are easier to manage on a national and global scale.
II. ISSUES Short-lived climate pollutants are just that, substances that have a short lifespan in the atmosphere. These types of substances typically only last a few decades, which is significantly less than the time CO2 spends in the atmosphere, but are still major contributors to global warming. According to the Climate and Clean Air Coalition, the four most prominent short lived pollutants are: black carbon, methane,…

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