Global Warming And Climate Change Essay

1315 Words Mar 6th, 2016 6 Pages
Global warming is the process in which sunlight that is being redirected back into space gets trapped inside of the Earth’s atmosphere due to the abundance of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. The more heat that is trapped and absorbed by such gases causes the overall temperature of Earth to rise. It is natural and anthropogenic – human induced – climate changes that are attributed to increased gases in the greenhouse effect, though anthropogenic changes play a larger role in global warming. Despite the fact that humans have been a major role in speeding up global warming, there are mitigation methods that would slow the rate of global warming, such as carbon taxing and clean coal technology. Thus, if countries are held more accountable for their greenhouse gas emissions and are put under stricter standards, the threat of global warming will be reduced. First, we must understand the similarities and differences between natural climate change and anthropogenic climate change. Natural climate change and anthropogenic climate change have similar attributes. Both are credited to releasing greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. The difference is how much they contribute to the atmosphere and how they do it. Both natural and anthropogenic climate changes introduce carbon dioxide into the atmosphere where it collects, causing the greenhouse effect to get stronger. An example of natural climate change is volcanic activity. According to P. Hewitt, Suchocki and L. Hewitt…

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