Global Warming And CO2 Levels

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It is cold in the winter and warm in the summer. To most Americans global warming does not seem like a problem. If it is hot out we simply turn our thermostats to a colder temperature and if it’s cold we crank up the heat. However, CO2 levels are rising to levels never before seen by humans and its happening at a rate faster than ever. Through scientific modeling it is clear that temperatures never before seen by humans are going to be endured faster than anticipated and without combating the exponentially growing CO2 levels species on Earth may not survive and ultimately cause trouble for humans.

Fifty-five million years ago, a sudden, influx of carbon gases flooded the ocean and atmosphere.
This major change was caused by an alteration
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This use of poop power can combat this global epidemic and save humans and other species from experiencing food shortages or possible extinction.
The method of using poop power is not a magic bullet as the decomposition of organic waste still puts gases like methane in the atmosphere however, it is the thinking and innovation we need to combat this seemingly unstoppable force. Poop power alone will not be able to stop the increase in CO2 or combat methane hydrates from being released but it is a step in the right direction.

At the current rate of growth in CO2 emissions, a repeat of the PETM time is a high probability. However, the PETM time can be used as a building block and a learning experience to avoid a repeat of the PETM and the serious threat to the human race. We must focus on reducing CO2. Global warming is not a myth, this is affecting everyone around us and something needs to be done. Whether it’s discovering new alternative ways to decrease our carbon footprint like poop power or simply carpooling to work, everyone needs to collaborate and work effectively to fight this emerging global

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