Global Warming Advertisement : The Wwf Essay

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Global Warming Advertisement

How well informed are about global warming? Do you know that by 2030, at least 18% of the world’s coral reefs will be gone? Do you know that by 2050, up to 400 species of bird will be endangered or extinct? Do you know that by 2080, New York City will be under 3 feet of water due to rising sea levels? Most of these facts are not well known and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) seeks to change this. The WWF’s “mission is to conserve nature and reduce the most pressing threats to the diversity of life on Earth” and this mission statement is displayed effectively through their advertisements. The WWF had an advertisement campaign to target global warming using homeless animals as the focus point. The advertisement I chose from this campaign shows a homeless seal sleeping on a park bench. Although this advertisement has a strong pathos and ethos appeal, this advertisement also has a weak logos appeal. This advertisement targets mainly a general audience. The WWF chose to use animals, a seal in specific, that the general population can easily identify and are the “cute and cuddly” that everyone adores. The WWF could have easily chosen to use a Gooty Spider, which is higher on the endangered species list than the seal, but it would not have has the same results. If the WWF chose to use the Gooty Spider for one of its advertisements, it would have limited the audience to those who have an affinity for spiders rather than the general public. The…

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